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Here is a broad range of categories that gives a general example of what we carry here in the store at Rick's. This page is under construction and is being worked on as we have time going into the spring season!

Rick's Fertilizer Fertilizers Seeds Soils Containers Decorative Pottery
House Plants Bedding Plants Trees and Shrubs Tools Gardening Aides Indoor Gardening
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Rick's Brand Fertilizers
Crafted for the pikes peak region specifically, Rick's has four of it's own fertilizers to suit any need you might have for your lawn, garden, trees or shrubs.
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We have every fertilizer we could get our hands on that is natural and organically proven to help your plants succeed, we try our hardest to get unique fertilizers that work great at a good price to you.
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In our seeds section you'll see several brands that find their home base in Colorado, be it flower seeds, vegetable seeds, even bird seed for feeding the local wildlife, we've got it here and local.
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Whether you're starting seeds from scratch, transplanting new or just reviving your old soil from what it once was, we've got everything here, as organic as possible and guaranteed sterile.
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Ranging from your basic standard nursery pot, we have tons of different sizes and types to get your seeding and transplanting done as easily and as afforadbly as possible. Anything from 2" to 20 gallon, we have what should get you going!
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Decorative Pots
Malaysian, glazed, fluted, roman, square, any type of pot you're looking for we have a huge selection of beautiful pottery to suit your needs.
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House Plants
Rick's has a wide variety of indoor house plants ranging from tropical to coniferous, we have jade plants, bamboo plants, bonsais, philodendrons, and even one angry watering lady. Come see it all at Rick's!
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Bedding Plants
From our own greenhouse and greenhouses found all throughout Colorado, at Rick's we have a huge selection of bedding plants when the season comes. Annuals and perennials of all types and sizes, we try to carry a large variety so you can have the best selection around.
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Trees and Shrubs
New to Rick's is our large tree and shrub section! Growing already even in just our second year we are glad to bring you hundreds of trees and shrubs that would accent your yard in just the way you want it. Anything from a fruit tree to an old gold bush, we've got you covered.
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Hand tools to fit every job, with over thirty different types of tools you can rest assured we have what you need to get the job done right without any hassle of trying to make the wrong tool work.
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Gardening Aides
If it's not required to garden but makes your life a lot easier, that's what fits in this category, soaker hoses, watering help, plant labels, tree wrap, composters and tunnels all fit here and are there to help you.
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Indoor Gardening
Whether it's soil or hydropnic, we've got your lighting systems, nutrients, rockwool and hydroton. If you're looking for containers we've got them too! Specific to your needs and happy to help you get that exact thing you need to make your indoor garden work.
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At Rick's we understand how pesky certain things can end up being on your plant after you've been growing for a little while, insects, fungus, or invasive weeds, our products can fix you right up so you don't have to worry.
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Fountains and Statuary
Gathered from all over the country, we have a wide selection of garden decoration and statuary that will make your yard look great. Fountains, statues and birdbaths are just a few of what we have here to help spice up your yard.
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If you're looking for something fun or goofy to give to someone, or yourself, we've got plenty of off the wall items that will make your day just to see! Frogs, flying pigs, and plants growing on volcanic rock are just a few options!
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Miscellaneous Items
Did you know that Rick's carries honey? That's not all that we carry that you wouldn't expect but we have plenty of things that just don't fit the mold of our garden center, almanac's, 2-stroke engine oil and woven shopping bags are just a few of these things.
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Here at Rick's we offer a variety of services, the most popular of which is our pH test for soil, we also offer an NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium) test to show you where your lawn sits for fertilizer. We also offer repotting of your plants for a small fee and we can help you repair old broken down hoses! We also rent small lawn equipment like aerators and tillers.
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