Bonide Eight Insect Control Flower/Veg Granule 3Lb

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Our bug defense can be used to control multiple species of insects including ant, cricket, maggot, grasshopper, cutworm, tick, moth, spider, centipedes & more. This product is designed for use on lawns, around home foundations, ornamental & flower gardens, vegetable gardens & more. Not intended for indoor use. This product is conveniently ready to use when it arrives. No need to mix or spray anything. Simply apply the granules directly to the lawn or garden area.

Kills many troublesome soil insect pests
Kills surface and subsurface insects
Kills cutworms, maggots, weevils and many more
Garden insecticide granules
Fast acting and easy to useGuaranteed Analysis:
Inert Ingredients…………….99.885%