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Nursery Warranty

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Rick’s Garden Center & Nursery warranties that our Trees and Shrubs are healthy and free of disease and pests for a period of ONE YEAR from purchase for residential customers and sites. The warranty covers up to $200 per plant, with no more than $300 per total claim for a residential site for non-discounted trees and shrubs. We believe the requirements and steps below will provide the customer with the best chance of success in our challenging environment and give you years of enjoyment of your planting – your success is our mission! To redeem this warranty the following are required and must be purchased on the SAME ticket as the trees and shrubs:

  • Minimum of one (1) bag of mulch shall be purchased for each tree up to 10 gallon container in size, two (2) for each tree that is larger than 10 gallon. One (1) bag of mulch for every two shrubs.
  • Fertilome Root Stimulator must be purchased and applied during planting, minimum of one (1) pint per ticket. Must be applied per label instructions:
    • Trees and shrubs 5 gallons and larger: Use 3-1/2 TBSP per gallon of water, with a minimum of 5 gallons of water applied during planting.
    • Shrubs 1, 2 or 3 gallon in size shall be a minimum of 1 gallon of water at planting
  • RECOMMENDED (but not required) Apply mycorrhizae product during planting, such as:
    • Myke Tree & Shrub
    • Soil Moist Tree & Shrub
    • Down To Earth

The following criteria apply in order to redeem the warranty, and give your plants the best chance for success:

  • RIGHT PLANT RIGHT LOCATION Trees and shrubs must be selected that are appropriate for your given USDA hardiness zone and planted in accordance with their planting guide for shade or sun. Plants should be selected for your site soil conditions.
  • Trees and shrubs must be planted per the Planting Guide (to be handed out at purchase).
  • Keep trees and shrubs evenly watered during the growing season and monthly fall/winter watering, by checking daily for the first 6 weeks. Soil should be moist, not wet, when finger is stuck into dirt one (1) inch near base of plant. Avoid overwatering as this kills trees as quickly as underwatering.
  • Trunks of smooth bark deciduous trees shall be wrapped with tree wrap during the winter to protect from frost cracking and sun scald.
  • If tree is planted in an area frequented by deer, it is recommended to install trunk guards for protection.

To file a claim, a picture of the dead tree or shrub must be submitted, along with the original receipt and a picture of the original installation.

The warranty is not an insurance policy and DOES NOT cover the following:

  1. Perennials, Roses, Japanese Maples, Specialty Trees
  2. Annuals & Vegetables
  3. Trees & Shrubs planted outside of their USDA Hardiness Zone
  4. Commercial sites or trees planted in containers
  5. Mechanical damage, e.g. mowers, line trimmers, etc. Buy trunk guards!
  6. Animal or weather damage
  7. Lack of care or under/over watering
  8. Trees and shrubs NOT planted in accordance with the Planting Guide
  9. Trees and shrubs sold on discount, full price items only. Excepting Military discount and applicable coupons.