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Great news for backyard orchardists- our bare root fruit trees just got confirmed for Spring 2023. This will be our
This year at Rick's we have a little something special in time for the holidays: a 15% off houseplant sale
Here at Rick's Garden Center, we'd like to introduce you to our two new special guests living within the store:
Trees are the cornerstones of our landscapes. No other kind of plant impacts the local ecosystem as broadly and effectively
Here in the nursery at Rick’s Garden Center, we tend towards smaller pot sizes. In the nursery business, pots are
Native, Xeric and Edible Plants: The Three Pillars of Plants in our Nursery Hi there, this is Billy, the nursery
What are bare root trees? Bare root trees are harvested from their growing beds in the late fall, and the
Our often dry, windy winters here on the Front Range can be especially tough on landscaping plants such as perennials,
Stop the Problem Before it Starts Always check a plant over for pests before you purchase. Look at the plant's
The Basics What is Fertilizer?Fertilizer is best described as plant food. It provides a plant with all the necessary micro