Bulk Mountain Seed Mix Grass Seed AVS 1lb

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20% Cereal Rye
20% Tetraploid Perennial Rye
15% Forage Kentucky Bluegrass
15% Mountain Brome
15% Orchardgrass
10% Timothy
5% Alsike Clover

Arkansas Valley Seed's Mountain Seed Mix is a great option for mountain pastures and meadows as a ground cover as well as soil stabilization for ski slopes and construction sites. This mix of grasses is specially adapted to higher elevations, and will grow 30 to 48 inches high at full potential. It is also an effective hay and forage producer.

Seeding Rates
Bare Ground:
Broadcast-20-25 pounds per acre
Drilled-15-20 pounds per acre

Established/Thin Lawns:
Broadcast-10-15 pounds per acre
Drilled-5-10 pounds per acre
For best results, wait to seed until chance of last frost has passed.

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