Ferti-lome Decimate Weed & Grass Killer Conc 16Oz

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DECIMATE Weed & Grass Killer is a non-selective herbicide that kills weeds grass plus some woody plants.
This is a contact, semi-translocating herbicide that inhibits glutamine synthetase.
Works in 24 to 72 hours and works best when temps are over 85°.
Rainfast in ½ hour to 4 hours.
May be reseeded or replanted after the spray has dried.
CONTAINS: 24.5% Glufosinate-ammonium
APPLICATION: Mix 2oz per gallon per 1,000 sq ft.

Active Ingredients:

Glufosinate ammonium*            24.5%**

Other Ingredients:                      75.5%

*CAS Number 77182-82-2
**Equivalent to 2.34 pounds of active ingredient per U.S. gallon.