Hi-Yield Fast Acting Gypsum 4lb

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Hi-Yield Fast-Acting Gypsum starts working immediately to help loosen compacted soil, including heavy clay soil, and repairs salt-damaged soil. Quickly improves soil structure, allowing better air and water penetration and promoting better root development and growth. Use on lawns, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and ornamental beds.

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Guaranteed Analysis:
Calcium Sulfate(CaSO4)…….69%
Calcium (Ca)…….19%
Combined Sulfur (S)…….15%
Derived from mined gypsum

Also contains non-plant food:
0.5% Polymers
0.5% Anionic Polyacrylamide Copolymer (Emulsion)
Inert Ingredients
Lignosulfonates (binding agent) ……. 2%