Mile-Hi Rose Feed Shaker 64oz

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Meat and Bone Meal
Blood Meal
Cottonseed Meal
Alfalfa Meal
Fish Meal
Kelp Meal
Mono Ammonium Phosphate
Potassium Sulfate
Ferrous Sulfate
Magnesium Sulfate
Aroma Additive

Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N)…….7.0%
Available Phosphate (P2O5)…….8.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O)…….4.0%
Iron (Fe)…….20%
Sulfur (S)…….2.0%
Magnesium (Mg)……..1.5%

This rose feed contains a unique combination of 6 natural elements: Mile-Hi Kelp Meal, alfalfa meal, meat and bone meal, blood meal, fish meal and cottonseed meal. Primary elements used are nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, with secondary elements calcium, magnesium and sulfur, and trace elements iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, and molybdenum. Nutrients release slowly into the soil benefiting roots over months and even years.