Paonia Lawngevity Tote 1cu yd

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Paonia Lawngevity Tote 1cu yd

Paonia's custom bulk bag tote is filled with 27 cu ft of soil.  This is approximately  1/3 of a pallet of bags.  The 1 yd. tote weighs 400 – 800 lbs, but it all depends the current moisture content.

With our 1 yd tote 2-3 people can slide it on smooth surfaces and a small pickup can easily haul 1-2 of them.  If you have equipment like a tractor, forklift, or hoist there are built-in lifting straps.  In the bottom panel is a chute that can be opened to dispense material into beds or pots.

If you need more than 4 or 5 bags Paonia product, the totes will be an excellent option! You essentially save $3 per cubic foot if you choose to order a tote bag Rick's selection of Paonia soil Co. totes compared to ordering the same amount in Paonia soil bags! Likewise, the totes reusable! There will be an $18 refundable deposit for the totes.  Can't use 27 cubic feet of soil?  Split with your neighbors!

Happy gardening!