Shallot Red Certified Organic

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Great multipliers! 1lb. planted can reap up to 10lbs. at harvest

Copper elongated teardrop shaped bulbs

Super flavorful, very versatile in the kitchen!

A versatile flavor sautéed or served raw in your salad dressing

Known well for excellent yield and performance

Keene Garlic is grown organically with no GMOs, is non-irradiated, and grown in nutrient-dense soil to produce high-quality garlic bulbs. Grown on idyllic small organic family farms, they take pride in selling the highest quality garlic seeds to gardeners and farmers who have successfully grown garlic. Although some seed companies source their garlic from other countries (which does not grow well in the US), Keene Garlic take pride in growing and selling heirloom garlic grown in the US! Wisconsin produces some of the best garlic in the nation! Keene works hard for their customers, so they can know the sweetness in the success of growing garlic.